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Whether you are out to complete your Grand Slam, or just in it for the "gobble" and "strut", New Mexico is the place to hunt turkeys!!


The State of New Mexico offers 3 varieties of turkey which are extremely exciting to hunt, on literally hundreds of thousands of acres, almost all of it public land. The turkeys are scattered in varying densities throughout the land areas. Most mountain ranges in New Mexico support healthy numbers

of Merriam’s gobblers, which make up the bulk of the turkey population.   Rio Grande Turkeys are less scattered and are primarily located along the Rio Grande River south of Albuquerque and the Canadian River Basin north of Tucumcari.  You’ll also find wild populations of Gould’s Turkeys here!  In 2014, 1,896 bearded turkeys were tagged.


New Mexico turkey hunting requires that you get yourself prepared for walking and climbing around at an elevation of 5000 to 8000 feet by doing what you can to get “in shape”.


The Gila National Forest supports a healthy crop of wild turkeys, and success rates in this region are usually well-above the statewide average.  There are other areas that support good populations as well, and they offer excellent public land opportunities.


A Game Hunting License and either an Over-the-Counter Turkey tag or draw permit is required to legally take wild turkey in the state. For in depth hunting and license information, New Mexico Hunting Rules & Info. 

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