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Large Mule Deer Photo
Wide Trophy Mule Deer
Trophy Mule Deer

Mule Deer


Every year thousands of hunters head to the mountain in the Western US in hopes of harvesting a true trophy mule deer, possibly one of the hardest accomplishments in North America.  New Mexico is often overlooked by the typical trophy mule deer hunter, which makes this area a hidden treasure. The discerning hunter realizes that there are many trophy bucks taken in our state each year.   We specialize in hunts and areas that make this a reality.

I want my hunters to see and experience the southwestern mule deer like nowhere else.  Our ranches are managed with a "best is yet to come" mentality which means they are lightly hunted so each year brings better trophy quality.  

This year, we have seen some fantastic deer which are bigger than the ones already harvested, and some of our guests have taken some smoking big bucks.  Most days, we spend 12-13 hours in the field in hopes that one of these big boys will come out and give us an opportunity to harvest  him.  Our hunts are spot and stalk with some of the best long range glassers in the country.


We have extremely limited availability but we certainly hope you are able to join us for this year's season.  We also have a limited number of bookings in old Mexico each year.  Call us for specific details on these hunts.

Trophy Mule Deer in the Velvet
Trophy New Mexico Mule Deer
Mule Deer Hide being packed out
Top View of a Mule Deer
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