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Any hunter who has dreamed of hunting trophy bulls can envision the crisp morning air just before dawn, watching your breath come in white puffs.  You stand in the peaceful solitude of God’s country…and then you hear it, the majestic bull elk bugle in the high country.  A sound like no other that gets the adrenaline pumping through every elk hunters veins.  And the hunt begins.

At Diamond T Trophy Hunts, we have extensive knowledge of hunting trophy bull elk in the entire Southwest Region of New Mexico. With a combined 115 years of experience in the field, we take a balanced approach utilizing calls, spot and stalk, and stands depending on the specific hunting conditions. All of our guides work with top of the line optics and gear, to help further your chances of success.


Our elk hunting operation runs hunts in both the Gila and Lincoln National Forests. Our clients can expect an opportunity to kill a bull that scores 330 or better. A good herd bull in these units scores in the 360 range, and the occasional 400-class bull is definitely a possibility.   The physical demands of hunting trophy elk in Southern New Mexico can vary greatly depending on the unit drawn, the weapon of choice, as well as how early or late in the season it is.  Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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