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Coues Deer

My passion is Coues Deer hunting.  It took me 6 years to personally kill a “book” Coues Deer. These tiny, desert-dwelling deer are a sub-species of the common Whitetail.  However, their habits and the landscape in which they live set them apart.

You can’t hunt them like typical Whitetails—Coues country is too big and too wide-open. You’ve got to be able to glass well, stalk long, and shoot precisely.  If you want a Coues Whitetail, you’ll have to shake off the lazy conventions ingrained by too many years of sitting in tree stands and actually hunt. Imagine a cagey old Whitetail doe crossbred with the toughest desert Bighorn out there, and you’ll have a glimmering of what a big Coues buck is like.

Our private ranches offer little-disturbed populations of deer with exceptional genetics.  Each year, we will also take a few hunters in each of the three top Coues units in New Mexico.

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