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"Speed Goats" as they are known here in Southern New Mexico, provide one of the best opportunities for a spot and stalk approach to hunting in the state.  This is due in part to the animal's incredible speed but also to the New Mexico prairies which Pronghorn Antelope call home. Vast expanses of open grassland are home to substantial herds of these crafty animals.

To provide our clients with the best opportunity to harvest a trophy buck, Diamond T Trophy Hunts utilizes top of the line gear and optics.  We spend countless hours in the field before the hunt scouting the terrain for trophy bucks.   Once in the field, with a buck in sight, we go to any length to get our client within a comfortable shooting range.

We have years of experience hunting pronghorn all over the state and have access to private land tags in various units.   We work hard to maintain positive relationships with the ranchers that we purchase tags from, and find these relationships beneficial to our clients as our ranchers are always more than willing to help in any way they can.

Accommodations vary depending on hunt location, please contact us for specific information. Thank you for considering Diamond T Trophy Hunts for your trophy New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope hunt. We look forward to working with you!

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